INFO Business Intelligence

InfoConsulting has developed a modern IT solution for data management (Business Intelligence BI), which allows many databases to be used and also provides information to employees, members of management and contractors – depending on the granted access rights.

InfoConsulting Business Intelligence

INFO BI is a system that offers a range of advanced key functionalities. The solution has a predefined Data Warehouse for the system of IFS Applications and also predefined elements of Business Intelligence architecture (i.e. attributes, metrics, time transformations, KPIs, reports, dashboards, data hierarchies, dictionaries, translations) that enable this class system to be implemented in a much shorter time, while at the same time reducing implementation costs.

This solution has already been used by companies that are interested in a reduction of costs, a more effective allocation of resources, a higher competitiveness of activities, and also in finding new sources of revenues.

InfoConsulting-benefits of Business Intelligence

The INFO BI system enables the creation of an individualized scorecard and management dashboards for all users, while also presenting individual key performance indicators that require observation and management. In order to quickly implement scorecards in the entire company, the system automatically individualizes each scorecard and management dashboard based on the role of the person and their connections within a group of employees. Scorecards and management dashboards have a cascading hierarchy and are interrelated, which allows the results to be observed by managers at all levels of the organization – individual employee, group, department, section, or the entire enterprise.

In addition, scorecards and management dashboards are fully integrated with reporting and analysis functions. Users can also use assisted context-dependent paths to navigate between reports.

Thanks to multi-page and optimized reports, INFO BI enables an unusual operational form of reporting to be developed: business users will easily find selected parts of even the largest reports. The program allows organizations to efficiently distribute hundreds of thousands of personalized “print-perfect” reports per hour.

InfoConsulting-BI-simplification of reporting


Providing detailed information that is necessary to make decisions.

Transmission of detailed data to appropriate users in the company concerning the current and historical results that have been achieved by individual cells. The intuitive system interface and the function of sharing reports via the Internet enable all decision makers to share information.

Enabling data analysis in order to detect root causes and trends in operation results using simple and effective techniques.

Providing detailed insight into the company’s operation with regards to different points of view, which allows management members to investigate the causes of problems, discover new opportunities, and predict research results.

On-going monitoring of performance results at all levels.

Providing business users with the ability to continuously monitor activity parameters. It is possible to customize the scorecards and managerial dashboards within the company in such a way that they convey relevant information and notifications about current activity. Users have the most up-to-date information in the decision-making process.

INFO Business Intelligence